Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jared Leto's Anaconda

Jared Leto: Delivers A Package For Eveyrone
I bet Nicki Minaj's buns couldn't handle this Anaconda...
Make sure you are sitting alone at your computer for this one!
30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto had fans distracted once again during a recent concert appearance. Although many were transfixed on the singer's impressive abs, that quickly changed during one special song.
When it was time for "End of All Days," people's eyes moved quickly over his six-pack and straight to his crotch. Oscar winner Jared Leto revealed the impressive size of his junk, and not the in the trunk variety.
"Seduction is my game," is what he sang as he grabbed hold of his penis so we could all see what a big boy he is.
Reports say the audience started screaming and cheering, well who wouldn't?!
Have a Slutty Sunday Everyone!

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