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PTX's Scott Hoying Discusses Volume 3, Etc...

Hey, It's Scott Hoying!
For those of you who may not have heard of them, of which I am sure there are few, acappella super group Pentatonix has a new album coming out September 23rd, titled aptly enough PTX Volume 3.

With 6 million subscribers on YouTube and over 525 million views. 1.5 million Facebook followers and another 350 thousand who hang on their every Tweet PTX has taken over the world!

Here to talk all things Pentatonix is one fifth of the gang with the killer vocal abilities Mr. Scott Hoying!

MS: Hey Scott!

SH: Hey Michael how are you?!

MS: Good, how were the Streamy Awards last night?

SH: It was really fun! It was crazy! 

MS: Well you guys won, correct?

SH: We did, we won in one category and lost in another.

MS: You guys have an album coming out on September 23rd.

SH: I can't believe it's already September, it's coming out this month. Everything keeps going and going and going.

MS: Time flies. You have been traveling all over the world. Where is the last place you guys were at?

SH: We were just in South East Asia and Australia. I just woke my roommate up because I was screaming into the phone. (laughs) It was so, so cool to be in those places. 

MS: So how does it feel to be worldwide?

SH: It's really surreal. It's something I've dreamed about my whole life. I've always wanted to go to Australia, my Dad lived there for seven years, and I've always wanted to go to Japan. It's really cool that we've had the opportunity to go there because of something that we love to do. I know it sounds cliche, but it really is a dream come true!
Mitch & Scott: Beyonce Says We''re "Flawless"
MS: People always say that, but it really isn't a cliche. It's a fair comment.

SH: Completely. 

MS: By the way I know someone you know from Texas, Zachary Webber, I did a play with him.

SH: Oh my God, yeah.

MS: Yeah, when we were rehearsing I said something about PTX off hand and he said he went to school with you.

SH: He's great Zach is so talented.
The Gangs All Here: PTX

MS: La La Latch is your latest single/video, I noticed all of the parts are balanced between the five of you in it.

SH: It's so funny when we release a video, like, Mitch has a solo, or I have a solo, people say: when does someone else get to sing? With La La Latch, it's like, everyone is getting an opportunity to sing here. It's always really fun having a balance, the song is more dynamic and exciting when there is multiple people carrying it.

MS: This is probably old news to you, but since I have not asked it, how was it having Beyonce calling Mitch and yourself "Flawless" on your mash-up of her songs?

SH: Oh my gosh! It was really exciting! We were in the studio recording our cover of Happy and Kirstie wrote to Mitch: Did you see that Beyonce put on her Facebook page that you and Scott are "Flawless?" We were just beside ourselves, we were freaking out! We were already hyper in the recording srudio so that just added to it! It's on my Twitter bio since then: Beyonce called me "Flawless." 

MS: I'd put it on there too! So who are some of your favorite divas?

SH: Well, obviously, Beyonce is number one. I am also a really big fan of Ariana Grande. I'm not sure if anyone really considers her a pop queen because she is so young, but I am obsessed with her, I think she is going to be huge. I also love Rhianna anything that's R&B/ Pop is my jones.  
Scott & Shay Mitchell

MS: I saw a photo of you and Shay Mitchell online from one of my favorite TV shows Pretty Little Liars are you a fan?

SH: .I've met her and a couple of the other cast members and they're so so so sweet, but I have only seen bits and pieces of the show; I sadly never watch TV.

MS: You guys are going to be on Good Morning America on September 25th, is this your first time on it?

SH: It will be our first time. We always get nervous when we are going to perform on live TV. 

MS: The audience you guys attract is a very wide demographic.

SH: Yeah, we really attract a wide demographic of people, we attract older people who love the we are acapella. We have younger people who love our social media personalities. We also have choir nerds & music nerds who want to see something different. It's really cool and it's really fun!

MS: I am a fan of your original song Run To You, anymore coming up?

SH: There are a few, we do have one on the Christmas album.

MS: What's it about, specifically, besides Christmas? (laughs)

SH: It's about Santa and the song is really classic sounding. We all sing it together there is not really a soloist on it. It has a nostalgic feeling, from the time of my childhood. It's so cute.

MS: Any parting words?

SH: I am obsessed with our fans for always supporting us and I hope that they enjoy our new albums coming out this year. 

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