Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Strange Familiar Will Never "Surrender"

"Love Keeps Us Marching On" - Surrender, The Strange Familiar 

This is a refrain from the awesome song and current video Surrender by The Strange Familiar, from their amazing album The Day The Light Went Out. Check out the excerpt from the interview I did with front woman Kira Leyden Andrea about it below.

MS: It's a good message. All the songs do fit together well, "Surrender" was a particular favorite of mine.

KLA: Very cool, that's actually my favorite. We are going to shoot a video for that one, that is our next big thing, to try and get that video done. (laughs)

This album is the band's best effort to date, which came from a place of great struggle and ultimately hope that the they went through, check out my full length interview with Kira after the jump -

Surrender is a "never give up" type of song that achieves it's goal. Kira's vocals are powerful and raw, and the video astutely reflects the honesty of the lyrics. If you are not "familiar" with these guys yet, it's time you were...

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