Friday, October 3, 2014

Comedian Matt McClowry Has A Fear Of Trojan Condoms

Matt McClowry
Matt McClowry "Uncomfortable"
available digitally on October 7th

Since this is the season of things that scare, Matt McClowry admits to his fear of Trojan Condoms in the YouTube clip posted below.

If you have not ever heard of Matt, well here's your chance to check him out, don't be afraid...

Diagnosed with a high-functioning form of Autism called Asperger's as a teen, 
he has spent more than a decade overcoming the syndrome by honing 
his stand-up skills on comedy stages across the country.  

 "McClowry is a tall, clean-cut comedian out of Detroit. His standup is smart and analytical, full of unexpected leaps of logic, and delivered in a deep, distinctive deadpan. 
He's funny and engaging." - CityArts

There's no one quite like Matt McClowry. An awkward, gentle soul trapped in a hulking physique, Matt has been surprising audiences for nearly a decade, putting a sharp edge to universal topics like family, relationships, and modern life. Born and raised outside of Detroit, McClowry began his pursuit of a stand up career in 2004 by signing up for a local open-mike night, and his comedy has taken off from there. Over the past 10 years, he has built up both his confidence and writing skills and he now enjoys a reputation as one of the strongest acts in the Midwest.
 Part of what gives Matt's comedy a truly unique edge is the fact that he is a high-functioning individual with Asperger's Syndrome. Matt does not fit the stereotypical picture of someone with Asperger's and fans often question him on that point. He finds himself to be much more comfortable on stage than off stage. One common symptom of Asperger's Syndrome is not recognizing humor, and despite being a professional comedian, McClowry is not immune to struggling with that. He has found ways to push past this obstacle and uses Asperger's to influence his career in a positive way.
There have been many highlights in Matt's career so far. He has performed at the Boston Comedy Festival, Gilda's LaughFest, The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, and The Bridgetown Comedy Festival. 
He was a winner at The World Series of Comedy, he has performed at the Oddball Comedy Festival, opened for Whitney Cummings and Marc Maron, and has appeared with Bill Burr at Flappers Comedy Club in Los Angeles. He has been seen on Comcast Television and been heard on Sirius XM Radio. 

"With a voice for radio and movie star looks, McClowry can be intense and a bit intimidating in person. He's tall, with broad shoulders and eyes that look right through you. At one point in his life, he considered a career in professional wrestling; seriously or not, one look at him and you can see the possibility. But on stage, he becomes your smart-mouthed brother who dares you not to laugh, and you want to get to know him better - signs of a real star." - Gary Allison, Daily Tribune

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