Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kimberly Davis Will "Speak No Evil"

Then we moved into town
Saw those people messin' around
She said - you see it and you hear it 
- "Speak No Evil" Dragon

Ward off the Boogeyman this Halloween and "Speak No Evil" with Kimberly Davis.

Davis the current front woman of Nile Rodgers band Chic, you know the group responsible for Le Freak..."Freak Out!" is bringing church to the dance floor with a gospel cover of the eighties rock song originated by the band Dragon.

“I witnessed Dragon premiere ‘Speak No Evil’ at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion in 1985,” 

remembers Peter McLeanPresident of D1 Music and one of the executive producers on the Ms.Davis track.

He says he wanted to remake the song because its theme is as relevant today as it was 

thirty years ago. 

“In this age of fast digital communication and governmental tracking and monitoring,
it is all the more important to ‘Speak No Evil,” he explains.


Shake your booty and "Speak No Evil" at: 

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