Thursday, October 2, 2014

Marie Osmond Transforms Herself...

Yes, It Really Is Marie Osmond
Into The Bride of Frankenstein! Yes, it's totally true!

Not only does she portray Frankenstein's mate, she also does Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Madonna and Elizabeth Taylor. Hey what can't this amazing woman do?!

Why you may ask? Well there is a's for "Showstopper" a new production number in the Donny and Marie Show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

Marie has always been my favorite Osmond. Even though she was "a little bit country" and I am more Rock-N-Roll. I used to sit glued to the TV set when the Donny & Marie show was on.

Marie, For Real
She is an icon to me and what makes her special is she has always been kind, compassionate, honest and above all real.

Her ups and downs are well documented in the press and through it all Ms. Osmond has always remained strong and fluid as a human being.

I greatly admire her moxie and intelligence. Not to mentions she is an A + entertainer & personality. 

A note to the judges of Dancing With The Stars, who dissed Marie's freestyle to The Rolling Stone's "Start Me Up" - it was awesome and perhaps one day you will realize the error of your judgement, the meantime let's make believe and play dress up with Marie and all of her amazing transformations in the video below!

                                                          Believe It Or Not

Sometimes It's OK To Go "A Little Bit Country" at:

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