Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sell Naama Kates Your "Souled"

Last night I attended the record release party for Singer/Songwriter Naama Kates third outing Souled.

It was an awesome evening of fun, friends and most of all music by Naama and her band on a way cool outdoor stage under the stars at Mount Cyanide.

Naama and I have known each other since her amazing debut CD The Unexamined Life.  Upon hearing it and seeing her perform I instantly became a fan.

Souled to me is her best effort to date, Naama has really hit her stride as an artist. Last night she really brought it as a performer as well, I felt like I was watching a star declaring themselves. With visuals that perfectly complimented the show, courtesy of Michael Allen, and a band that was top notch. Not to mention great music supervision by Naama's producer Cyrus Melchor, it was a complete feast for the ears and eyes.

Souled is out now. If you haven't done so, c'mon, go ahead and sell your "Souled" to Naama Kates. I promise you will enjoy the experience.
Have You Ever Been "Souled?"
Photo: Lynn Tejada 

Naama Last Night Under the Stars
Photo: Lynn Tejada

Get "Souled" to Naama at: 

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