Thursday, October 9, 2014

Treat Time: Cindy Alexander "Heels Over Head"

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble...scratch the toil and trouble part. Bubble, bubble poetry and motion would best describe the video for indie artist Cindy Alexander's video for the single off of her latest CD Curve, Heels Over Head.

Yes, you guessed it, OK, maybe not. The video has the Wonderful singer in a water tank. It is poetry in motion, it's beautiful.

Let's hear what Cindy has to say about it:

"Considering the response I am getting from my video, it's obvious I need to have a water tank at all of my shows. But seriously, I am so fortunate to have had an incredible creative team behind this project. I asked for something beautiful and poetic, and I think they nailed it."

Well at least they did not nail it shut like Houdini, yikes!

Treat yourself to the video & Cindy below:

Bubble With Cindy at:

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