Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You Go Ghoul! Reese Witherspoon

Hi, I'm Reese Witherspoon
OK, before you all get evil and start throwing bobbed apples at me, I love Ms. Witherspoon, I simply like to keep my posts somewhat geared to my favorite time of year. Thus the "Ghoul" reference.

Actually this post is a Valentine not a Trick to one of my favorite actresses. Reese is awesome and so deserved her Academy Award for her performance as June Carter Cash in Walk The Line

Not to mention she was brilliant in two of my personal favorite films of all time, as Tracy Flick in Alexander Payne's Election and Vanessa Lutz in Freeway.

Vanessa: Holy shit! Look who got beat with the ugly stick. Is that you Bob? "Freeway"

I would like to give Reese the utmost respect for how she recently addressed her arrest in 2013. It was an honest comment on the human condition. Happy Halloween Reese!

Source Us Weekly

Reese Witherspoon's arrest in April 2013 was something of a wake-up call -- and not just for her. Asked about the incident during a press conference for her new movie Wild at the BFI London Film Festival on Monday, Oct. 13, the actress said she thinks it opened the world's eyes to the fact that there's more to her than the America's Sweetheart persona she has cultivated on-screen. 

"I think it was a moment where people realized that I wasn't exactly what they thought I was," the 38-year-old star said (via The Hollywood Reporter). "I guess maybe we all like to define people by the way the media presents them, and I think that I showed I have a complexity that people didn't know about." 

Of the arrest -- for disorderly conduct in Atlanta, where she was filming The Good Lie at the time -- she added, "It's part of human nature. I made a mistake. We all make mistakes. The best you can do is say sorry and learn from it and move on."

Reese on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000702/?ref_=tt_ov_st

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