Saturday, November 22, 2014

Get Sassy, With Vassy

Vassy & Crystal Waters Are Hustlin'
"I was in the high school choir and was told I couldn't sing. Then, years later, that teacher heard me singing on a national radio station and ended up writing an apology letter, which is kind of funny." - Vassy

This quote is from a full length interview I did with the sassy Vassy for Chorus and Verse about her single "Beautiful Day."

Cut to it here:

Well the Australian born Ms. Karaglorgos, her last name, recently went number #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart with Hustlin'The song pays homage to Crystal Waters’ nineties house classic, "Gypsy Woman."

Crystal Waters has come out in full support of the record, even appearing in the song’s music video. 

You've come a long way Ms. Thing! Check out the video after the jump!


Hey, it's Vassy at:

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