Monday, November 17, 2014

"I Like You" Debby Holiday

One of my favorite singers and people, Debby Holiday is back with a new twist on a chart topping classic "I Like You."

The song celebrates the 30-year anniversary of Phyllis Nelson’s original. It was a #1 hit on the Billboard Dance Chart in 1985. 

I checked in with Debby to get an exclusive comment for Entertain Me on her current gem:

 "What an amazing journey this has been with Tony Moran. From the first phone call when he told me about the song - to our time in the studio & filming the video! Tony works with passion & focus like I do … & I'm thrilled to hopefully honor the beautiful & talented Phyllis Nelson. Music … what a blessing!"

Yes, it was Mr. Moran's idea to cover the Phyllis Nelson original and he asked Debby to do the honor. I for one am glad he did.

This is Ms. Holiday's third collaboration with Tony - hey if it ain't broke, keep going!

Tony & Debby Like You

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