Monday, November 3, 2014

Margaret, Bloody Margaret Cho

Mrgaret Cho With Artist Vincent Castiglia: My Blood Is Cooler Than Your Blood...
Margaret Cho got a painting made out of her own blood ... which I happen to think is awesome looking!
NYC artist Vincent Castiglia made a name for himself by painting with blood, so back in April she commissioned him to take 72 milliliters of her bodily fluid for a portrait.

Cho wanted Castiglia to use her menstrual blood ... but he put a plug in that idea because her production level was shall we say on the low side of the spectrum. 

The painting took six months to complete. A piece of bloody art normally cost around Twenty Thousand Dollars -- but since he and Margaret are friends, Castiglia hooked the comedian up with a discount that is just between them and their accountants. 

Love it!!! Hey Vincent my blood is ready when you are! 

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