Friday, December 5, 2014

Have A "Dandy" Friday

Dandy Mott: Send In The Clown
Alright all of you American Horror Story: Freak Show fans like me. While I do not find this installment particularly scary I do find it bizarre, off the wall and unpredictable.
I also have a dark confession to make. Dandy Mott is my favorite character that inhabits the Freak Show universe. 
This past weeks episode was especially enlightening as to his homicidal ways. The fact that he started off killing kittens as a child was a nice touch and a sly reference to serial killer Luka Magnotta.
Obviously the only thing truly Dandy about this motley psycho is his crazy sense of entitlement when it come to offing people. He feels like it was what he was put on this earth to kill whoever and whatever he pleases, as if he could put it on his resume' when applying for a job. 
Pssssssssst! If you did not see this past weeks episode you might not want to read past here...yes I mean it, right here, don't do it, do it at your own risk. I bet you are going to keep reading even if you haven't. 
Yes, Dandy offed his mother Gloria in an OMG moment on this weeks episode, that's correct Frances Conroy is gone, a moment of silence please. OK time to carry on. 
The closing scene of the show was especially dark and nasty, as we see Dandy bathing in a tub of his deceased mother's blood.
Well, if ya think that's disturbing Finn Wittrock, the actor who portrays Dandy says that things are just going to get worse.
"I'll just tell you that the next one, I think his body count might double," Wittrock told me earlier today while promoting his new movie, Unbroken, the Angelina Jolie -directed World War II drama.  "The next one really, honestly takes the cake. Even I'm scared."
Personally I'm not scared, I can't wait till Wednesday December 10th to get my Dandy Mott fix!

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