Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Have Yourself A "Pretty Little Liars" Christmas

Thought We Were Doing Our Usual Halloween Special In 2014? We Lied, Merry Christmas!
Leaving Halloween specials behind, Pretty Little Liars producers decided to gift us with a Christmas episode instead. That airs, well, tonight!

But if you are expecting visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, you thought wrong.

The mystery surrounding the shocking death of Mona, played by the awesome Janel Parrish will be the center of the, Christmas celebration on the episode? So to speak.

"It's a dream sequence episode, but there's also a lot of really important things that happen in the episode," Says Janel. "Mona, actually before she died, leaves clues for Hanna to follow to find out who murdered her. The girls will be trying to figure out what exactly happened to Mona all the while having an amazingly creepy and fun holiday special."

We will also get the gift of whether Spencer might actually be cleared for the murder of Bethany Young.

Suspense and Christmas - My kind of present!

The PLL special airs on ABC Family tonight at 8 pm.

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