Monday, December 8, 2014

Holler! Your Season One "Scream Queens" Are Here!

Jamie Lee Curtis + Emma Roberts = Scream Queen Heaven 
In the most shriek worthy news of the week, Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts have won the title of Scream Queens on Fox! The dynamic duo will star in the first 15-episode season of Fox's new anthology series from Ryan Murphy.

As a horror fan this is killer news! Since each of these women have major Scream Queen cred. Curtis is known for the Halloween saga of flicks and Roberts starred in Scream 4, American Horror Story: Coven and is currently starring in American Horror Story: Freak Show
The comedy-horror hybrid series hails from Brad FalchukIan Brennan and Dante Di Loreto. The first season takes place at a college campus that is rocked by a series or murders.
Being a huge fan of Jamie Lee Curtis and having seen every horror movie she did in the 80's when she was the reigning Queen of Scream, it's great to have her back in the genre that made her a star!
Scream Queens is coming to Fox fall 2015...Yes!

Jamie Lee Curtis on IMDB:
Emma Roberts on IMDB:

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