Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Grease" Live Is The Werd

Hudgens & Hough
In the tradition of Sound of Music live, and because of it's record breaking ratings. A live version of Grease is coming to FOX January 31st 2016 - werd!
The first two casting announcements were made today - and this writer found them a mixed bag.
Julianne Hough will play Sandy, um I'm not sure about the rest of you , but I find the former Dancing With The Stars star and now judge pretty uninteresting. I certainly don't think she can and ever will compete with my first girl crush Olivia Newton-John.
Next up Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo. Now this is something I can get behind, she is one of my current girl crushes, and I think perfection casting wise.
Julianne had this to say (source E!Online) "Grease is one of the movies that made me want to be an entertainer, and I have literally been waiting my whole life to play Sandy," Hough said. "My siblings and I watched it and played it out over and over when we were kids. This is my dream role and performing it live on television will be one of the most thrilling opportunities I've had in my career so far."
Cutie Vanessa Hudgens who will be on Broadway in Gigi states (source E!Online) "Being Rizzo is something I've never imagined, and I love that because it will be a new challenge. She is such an iconic character that continues to transcend generations. I cannot wait to bring her to life on live television. I'm going to be a Pink Lady!"  
OK, Zac Efron as Danny Zuko anyone?!

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