Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Keep It Real - Diving Normal

Devolver Digital Films to Release
Diving Normal
A Touching Comedy-Drama Feature Film
Exploring Loyalty Among Friends & Lovers
Directed By Kristjan Thor
Los Angeles Theatrical Run at Arena Cinema
January 10 – 16, 2015

Everyone Seems Normal Until You Fall in Love...

Keep it real -

Diving Normal questions what it means to be normal, and ultimately lends the argument that maybe there is no such thing. We’ve all felt lost, unloved, isolated, and unable to connect; this is a story about embracing those differences, regardless of how exposed or broken they make us feel, in order to finally see that we belong.”
– Jessica Tomberlin, Go See Talk

Devolver Digital Films is proud to announce the release of the touching comedy-drama, Diving Normal. Directed by Kristjan Thor, the character-driven narrative feature film tells the story of a love triangle that occurs when two unlikely friends fall for the same beautiful, but broken, woman. In the film, an adaptation of the critically acclaimed play of the same name, the three main characters combat abandonment, addiction, and struggles with conforming to traditional relationships. The Los Angeles theatrical run will kick off with a premiere event on Saturday, January 10, 2015 at Arena Cinema in Hollywood, CA. Filmmakers and cast will be present for a reception before the 6:00pm screening and will host a Q&A immediately following. The film is currently in limited theatrical release in cities across the country, check for updates.

Diving Normal centers around the lives of Fulton and Gordon, played by Philipp Karner and Scotty Crowe, respectively, who also both performed in the original stage production as well as produced and co-wrote the adapted screenplay with playwright Ashlin Halfnight. The film’s cable VOD (Video on Demand) release is set for January 13, 2015 (check local listings). The digital VOD release is scheduled for January 27, 2015 via iTunes, Amazon Instant Video HD, PlayStation, Xbox, VUDU, Vimeo on Demand, VHX, Gumroad, Google Play, YouTube Rentals, and others. For additional information, please visit

Upcoming Screenings – 
• Sat. January 10 - Fri. January 16, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Arena Cinemas
Diving Normal (Comedy/Drama, 2014, 92 min.) – 

Diving Normal tells the story of an unlikely love triangle when best friends, an ambitious Brooklynite graphic novelist Fulton (Philipp Karner) and his socially awkward neighbor Gordon (Scotty Crowe), both vie for the attention of Dana (Susie Abromeit), a beautiful but damaged woman. Fulton and Dana begin dating, but the increasingly complicated situation is compounded by their pasts, which are littered with abandonment, accident, and sexual deviation. After discovering that Fulton has gone to visit his ex-girlfriend, the story takes a dark turn as Dana relapses and debases herself under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Gordon becomes Dana's caretaker and, as they grow closer, the trio's relationships are tested. Based on a play by Fulbright Award Winner Ashlin Halfnight, Diving Normal explores loyalty among friends and lovers, as well as the heart breaking personal struggle of becoming an adult.

The film screened at the Dallas International Film Festival 2013Manhattan Film Festival 2013, and Beverly Hills Film Festival 2014, where the film took home the Audience Award - Best Feature as well as the Best Actress Award (Susie Abromeit). The film also features the iconic Sandra Bernhard.

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