Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Macklemore Gets Trashy With Oscar The Grouch

Let's Get Trashy: Macklemore & Oscar The Grouch
Macklemore dropped the phrase "F@#king awesome" replaced it with "Gross and awesome" and found himself some Sesame Street cred with his hit song Thrift Shop.
The rapper joined forces with Oscar the Grouch and created an all audiences version of it, but instead of searching for vintage clothing, they comb trash cans for the grossest, yuck ball garbage they can find!
One man's trash is another grouches outfit - looks like Macklemore found his way to Sesame Street, and may return for a visit since his fiancee Tricia Davis is expecting their first viewer soon.
Have some trashy fun below...!
                                                                  "Thrift Shop"

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