Sunday, January 25, 2015

Miley Cyrus, Wants To Talk About Sex...

Before you think this is Miley acting all wild and crazy again to get our attention, well you are sort of correct in that assumption, but not completely...
One of my favorite artists is getting her sex talk on because she's the new face of MAC Cosmetics' iconic Viva Glam campaign. Sales from a hot pink lipstick and lip gloss created by Cyrus benefit the MAC AIDS Fund.

"I think the way sex has been made to be seen as bad or guilty, I think it's just opening up that conversation that's saying if you're doing it, protect yourself. And I think young people need to be talking," She states.
Miley visited the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Youth Center to meet homeless youth and to educate herself more on HIV prevention. 
She shared that when you walk in, there is a bowl of condoms right there. You didn't have to ask.
Ms. Cyrus is proud to be part of the Viva Glam campaign because it isn't about profit, it's about giving back
"You don't see me kind of doing this stuff very often," She notes.. "I'm not the person to go out and say, 'Buy my lipstick,' or 'Buy my this, or, 'Buy my that.' This was something I obviously didn't mind saying...and kind of shamelessly plugging because it's going towards such an amazing thing. Every penny of it! It's not halfway going to help and halfway paying someone's salary. It's a hundred percent!"
Miley, I think you're awesome! 

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