Sunday, February 15, 2015

Can't Retouch This! Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford: Just Say No To Retouching 
An un-retouched image of one Ms. Cindy Crawford has been circulating the Internet since Friday the 13th.
I just caught it this ayem online. One werd...Hot! 

Marie Claire magazine which commissioned the shot that the leaked photo came from confirmed it's authenticity by stating: "It's real and it is gorgeous." 

Obviously I concur. Cindy has always been one of my favorite supermodels not only because of her beauty, she also has a down to earth accessibility to her. A warm personality and a brain to go with it.

So nice to see how she really looks with out all the smoke and mirrors. 

Hey Cindy, you should never be retouched, just sayin'...

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