Thursday, February 19, 2015

TBT: "Pretty Little Liars" Pants On Fire!

Like, Duh!
I have decided to honor Throwback Thursday on this blog starting, like, today...

My first TBT post is an image from one of my favorite TV shows Pretty Little Liars season deux episode six.

My niece Shauna Waters and I are obsessed with it. Our thing? We text each other weekly about it and give our theories on who the big "A" is.

That being stated even if it does not turn out to be Ally, she is still not a very nice person. Check out the posted image.

What keeps this show amazing to moi? Keeping it real. Even though a lot of the situations are crazy and out there, they are balanced with a nice blend of real life situations and the characters respond to all the twists and turns as real people would.

Pure entertainment should be believable even when the situation is not.

Hats off to all the great actors, writers & producers on this show!

Me and Shauna will keep obsessing until the very end, but please let us know who the big "A" is ASAP!

PS - I also love the many Alfred Hitchcock references.

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