Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bo Derek Is A Perfect: Sharknado 3

Bo Derek: Look, Tarzan, It's My Jane
OMG! Imagine my excitement when I found out, Bo Derek was cast as Tara Reid's Mom (I try to refrain from the term "Mother" for many reasons) in Sharknado 3 ! Well if you can't, let me explain.

Bo Derek was a HUGE sex symbol when I grew up. Thus she was my first girl crush, I had a BD poster on my wall, if you don't believe me ask my Mom (again, not Mother).

When I first saw this striking beauty in the late Blake Edwards progressive sexual comedy "10" with the great, and also late Dudley Moore, I was in L-O-V-E!

Oh and BTW I was too young to see the film and saw it on Showtime with a friend behind my parents backs. However they then took myself and my sister to see my most favorite Bo film of all time, Tarzan The Ape Man - campy, awesome, brilliant and it made her and her deceased husband Jon Derek a fortune as they owned the rights.

Hey, Fashion House with her and Morgan Fairchild was pretty awesome too!

Congrats Bo, can't wait!

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