Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Empire" Tie One On With Cookie Tonight!

Cookie Wants Nookie!
OK, I admit while I had heard of the hottest new show to hit the airwaves, Empire, I never tuned in until Courtney Love guest starred on Episode six of the series. I am a big Hole fan (insert joke here.)

Damn it! From that point on I had yet another TV show I was addicted to. So, yes, of course I watched the first five episodes prior ON DEMAND and have watched every episode since.

Cookie Lyon, played by the awesome Taraji P Henson, is my spirit animal...I would not dream of missing tonight's two hour finale!

Empire, Empire, Empire - click your heels together three times and tie one on this Hump Day during the season one send off. 

I came across the rules for a clever drinking game any Empire fan will L-O-V-E, thanks US Weekly for this you guys are da bomb!

You should take a drink…

1. Whenever Cookie offers up her nookie.
2. Whenever there’s a famous guest star.
3. Whenever Hakeem throws a bitch fit.
4. Whenever Cookie looks fierce in fur.
5. Whenever an artist threatens to leave Lucious for Beretti.
6. Whenever someone mentions the name “Bunkie,” because it is a phenomenal name.
7. Whenever someone references “being a Lyon.”
8. Whenever Jamal wears a ridiculous scarf.
9. Whenever you find yourself secretly crushing on Jamal despite his ridiculous scarf.
10. Whenever Porsha is the perfect sidekick.

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