Thursday, March 26, 2015

John Cena Goes All The Way In "Trainwreck," Almost

John Cena: I'm Almost All The Way Naked
WWE & Total Divas supporting player, John Cena won't be flashing his junk in the upcoming movie Trainwreck with the hilarious Amy Schumer.

Nope, as he extrapolated to Jimmy Kimmel Live: “I have a ‘big part’ because of the costume department, I was gifted a stunt penis.”

Wow! Now is that a gift that keeps on giving???

John plays Steven a self-obsessed hook-up for Amy's character whose unique version of bedroom talk is to sexualize his accomplishments at the gym while doing the deed.

There are many reasons Mr. Cena is a hunk other than the obvious. He is a very caring, thoughtful person who gives back and helps people.

One of my favorite things is how open he is about having a gay brother and the support he shows him and others in the community.

Nikki Bella is one lucky woman!

Trainwreck directed by comedy genius Judd Apatow will be released on July 17. I love Amy and I love John, I am so there! Check out the trailer below, it's hilarious! 

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