Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kerry Washington "Don't Cry For Me Lena Dunham"

Two Wild & Crazy Women: Lena Dunham & Kerry Washington
This is a follow-up to the fact that Girls star Lena Dunham landed her dream job as a guest star on the hit show Scandal.
"I started to cry when I saw the actual OPA set," she says.

Oh girl, please don't cry. Do I need to send you a floral arrangement? Kidding my dear, I love it when celebrities let their geek flag fly! It is so endearing.

So here is the 411 on Lena's episode. She plays a woman whose name is Kinky Sue, the name is so catchy there should be a song sung by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga called The Ballad of Kinky Sue.

What's the title of the episode? Well it certainly isn't called Where's The Black Lady, no, it's called It's Good To Be Kink.

Cheers to you Kinky Sue!

A Scandal is always a happening:  

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