Thursday, March 5, 2015

TBT - Pretty Little Liars: The Dark Ride

Liars Unite! Spencer, Hanna, Aria & Emily
This one goes out specifically to my fellow Pretty Little Liars fan and niece Ms. Shauna Waters.
Nothing said Halloween quite like the PLL episode The Dark Ride, season 3 episode 13. All the girls were on a train for a celebration of all that is spooky and creepy. Well you of course know who shows up to seal that deal, "A!" 

Since Hanna Marin is my niece Shauna's favorite character on the show, and she was on board the terror train as Marilyn Monroe, another of her faves - this Throwback Thursday is dedicated to you grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!

With the big "A" reveal merely two episodes away, I have had my theories as to who that is, and one of them has been Hanna. But you never know what's happening with this roller coaster of a show anything is possible.

Shauna has yet to see this weeks PLL, you know when Hanna went to jail? We text every week about each episode, I wonder what her reaction will be to that? Hey, Shauna hurry up and watch!

It's not all "Pretty" at:

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