Thursday, March 12, 2015

TBT: Pretty Little Liars "A is for Answers"

Everybody Run, Hanna Marin Has A Gun!
With only one more episode to go until the Big "A" reveal it's time for another Throwback Thursday Pretty Little Liars post.

This still is from Season 4 Episode 24 bearing the title "A is for Answers." 

I'm really not sure if anything got answered in this one, but I have always wondered why Hanna never shot "A" and how she learned to brandish a gun like that.

Yes, I find Hanna's behavior, especially of late highly suspicious. She has gotten real tough and edgy behind bars and does not seem all that phased by any of it.

My niece Shauna Waters agrees. She doesn't want the big "A" to turn out to be Hanna because she loves the character so much. Me I personally would love it to be her, it would take the show to a whole new level of entertaining.

What's that you say? Oh, yeah Hanna's in jail and they keep showing a shadowy figure at the end of each episode doing sinister things. Well they did introduce a character who goes by the name of Varjack, who is not necessarily "A," perhaps it is them we see, hmmmmmmmm?

Just a thought.

Shauna and myself are probably wrong about Hanna, but honestly isn't her behavior getting less flighty and more calculated? Just sayin'.

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