Thursday, March 19, 2015

TBT - Pretty Little Liars "Taking This One To The Grave"

Watch Your Back Mona! Ooooops! Too Late!
Let's revisit the Pretty Little Liars episode that was the catalyst for sending all of the girls to the pokey this past week. Look it's Mona Vanderwaal moments before she is murdered, fresh as a daisy and ripe for the picking off.

So my weekly check in with my niece Shauna Waters yielded nothing but confusion. I mean seriously everyone is a suspect at this point the way things are being portrayed. Heck I even had suspicions about Aria's Mom Ella this past week.

The most obvious suspect at this point is Andrew Campbell, but as we know in the land of "The Liars" nothing is that obvious, or perhaps it is...

According to Marlene King the "Big A" is someone who has been around since the first episode and it is someone we care about.

So I enlisted the sleuthing powers of my other niece Lindley Waters who recently viewed said episode and here is what she had to say:

"I have no clue. The problem with the first season is that they are still suspicious of Ian, who dies and,Toby and Jenna. So I dunno. I'm hoping it isn't one of the liars."

There you have it, Shauna, Lindley and Myself are stumped. So the three of us have decided to quit trying to figure it out - we can't wait until this Tuesday!

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