Monday, April 27, 2015

Dudley Saunders: Wheelchair In The 7-11 Parking Lot

Hey, It's Dudley
Dudley Saunders is here with his latest video for the song Wheelchair In The 7-11 Parking Lot. Read his artists statement about it below -

"In mid-century Russia, he dreamed of escaping to America with his wife. But he ended up in the Gulag in Siberia, where he was starved and worked and beaten like an animal you hate.
And after years of this, when they saw how broken he was, they surprised him with a conjugal visit from his wife, in the House of Meetings. They knew he was too broken to do anything with her, and that this would break him further.
And then years later the Iron Curtain falls and he is released. And he moves to West Hollywood, California without his wife, who has long since passed. He’s old. And there he has all the freedom he ever dreamed of. But he spends his nights in the parking lot of a 7-11, watching other Russians on the make, fulfilling their capitalist dreams. He lounges in an old wheelchair he has found."

--Text from the multimedia performance IN THESE BOXES

Watch the video after the jump!

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