Friday, April 17, 2015

Michelle Pfeiffer Fills The AHS: Hotel Vacancy

Bitch, I'm Michelle Pfeiffer
With Jessica Lange out of the picture on the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel I was happy to learn Michelle Pfeiffer is checking in to fill her vacancy.

Michelle, like Lange has always been one of my favorite actresses and like Jessica has earned acclaim for her film work.

The two actually starred together in movie A Thousand Acres which was based on Shakespeare's King Lear. Of course I saw it, duh! Like I would pass up the chance to see two powerhouse actress play off of one another?!

American Horror Story: Hotel centers on what goes on in a shady hotel and is told in three tales

1) Later Hotel Days

2) Present Hotel Days

3) Early Hotel Days 

Pfeiffer plays Martina McBride, the previous hotel owner with many secrets in the segment Early Hotel Days.

I can't wait!

Michelle Pfeiffer on IMDB:

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