Tuesday, April 7, 2015

WTF?! Nicole Kidman In A Lifetime Movie?!

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly
OK, I had heard Grace of Monaco, starring one of my favorite actresses, Nicole Kidman was not all that good.This latest news on the indefinitely delayed film which was supposed to premiere in theaters in November of 2013. Well to put it mildly it is by passing the silver screen all together now and premiering on Lifetime May 25th, WTF!?

Nothing says bad like a Lifetime movie, and this must be some sort of awful since it costs $30 Million to make, the highest budgeted TV movie of the week ever.

Kidman, however, has defended the film, saying that it is not meant to be a biopic or documentary, but is just a "small part of  Grace Kelly's life when she reveals her great humanity as her fears and weaknesses."

Well at the very least, unlike a lot of acting in Lifetime movies, I am sure Kidman will deliver a great performance. 

Check out the trailer below -

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