Thursday, July 2, 2015

Where In The World Is Naama Kates?

Naama Kates: On The Move and Ready for Adventure!
Singer/Songwriter/Actress Naama Kates has been living out of a suitcase for the last six months. 

Globetrotting to places like Finland, Los Angeles, New York and coming soon Spain so I asked her what are her ten must haves when she travels.

So what's in your bag Naama?

1. My Xanax.  Because at some point during a 22 hour flight, you might start to go stir crazy and freak out and decide, during your 6-hour layover in Dublin, that you can't handle one more second in a plane and just run out into the street and then, after a couple of days frolicking and hanging out in pubs with Irish novelists, you realize you have to get to Madrid ASAP, and you've already spent all this money and, it's a good story but so's the one where you just get to Cadiz, and see flamenco music, and finish your movie and meet all these amazing people.... Yeah.  No panic attacks.  If it involves the TSA I'm taking my Xanax.

2. My laptop (and LaCie hard drives with my projects and iRig... I'll call this all work technogear.)

3. My iPhone, for internet (cuz there's free wifi everywhere in Europe) and music. Even though it
    won't work overseas and I'll have to buy a Slovenian burner phone. ;-)

4. My skin cream w/ SPF 50+!

5. My suede-bound notebook.  Right now I put everything in that.  Song chords and lyrics.  Shot
    lists.  To-do lists.  Phone numbers.  And I can always open it when meeting people to look
    more organized/professional.  Or just busy.  And I'd keep info in it like my flight confirmation 
    code and time and addresses I might need and even my passport and visa number in case I
    lose everything, and my electronic routing number, in case I lose EVERYTHING.  And
    because consequently, by losing this book, I am theoretically handing my identity to a thief  
    wrapped with ribbons and foil and a Christmas card-- I would NOT put my name anywhere in it! 

6. My make-up bag.  That's ONE item.  But if I were to lose it at the gas station in Hartola, I'd
    get mascara, lip gloss and BB cream first.

7.  A novel I know I can consume me, for the flight and more.

8.  Wallet. 
9.  Cigarettes and lighter.  Yeah yeah.

10.  Some jolly-ranchers..... wait... is this list about leaving home like before I travel or like to go to the gas station??? 

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