Thursday, August 27, 2015

15 Minutes: Kristen Taekman

Look We're Jogging, Yeah Right...
Tori Spelling & Kristen Taekman

Your star is fading, you are officially the most Boring Housewife of  New York City who was only mildly interesting the first season you were on because your husband was condescending and rude to you.

This season there are no scenes with your spouse and you simply become like a gnat, annoying, but quite insignificant.

What do you do Kristen Taekman? You want to be signed for another season, you need to do something that will make you an is what she did.

1) The Ashley Madison scandal is big news, latch onto it.

2) People will believe your husband Josh Taekman is a member if you say he is given his past behavior to you on The Real Housewives of New York City.

3) Was Josh really a member? Maybe, but it really does not matter.

4) Stand by your man, because that secures even more publicity and public scrutiny.

5) Lastly be seen "jogging" with Tori Spelling who noTORIously aired her and Dean McDermott's cheating woes in a reality show too - in what was clearly a set up photo op, to lend credibility to the situation. 

Hey you might even get your own show to do the same.

Any questions? I didn't think so. 

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