Sunday, August 23, 2015

American Horror Story: Funny Girls?

Barbra and me. What a completely amazing woman. #Funnygirls
Is It Really Funny? Time Will Tell...

Things are heating up on the American Horror Story: Hotel set in a seemingly cryptic post on her Instagram, Lady Gaga released this photo with the abovementioned caption.

While both of these women are totes on the amazing scale, it gives one pause to the ultimate diva Ms. Barbara Streisand going to be making a cameo on this AHS season of Hotel?

Or did she simply drop by the set to visit since it was in her neighborhood to show her respect to the new generation of Diva, Lady Gaga, passing the torch? The brain does wander and wonder.

Respect between two mega stars? Or co-stars in love?

Time will tell...

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