Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Go Pink Flamingo With Shay Mitchell!

Shay Mitchell Sunning Pink Flamingo Style
What would we do without Instagram? We would never find photos of celebrities enjoying summertime, naturally.

So here I am checking out pages and what to my computer strained eyes did appear? Why Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell and one inflatable Pink Flamingo hanging in the sun!

What?! Why do I follow Shay on the internet? Because those who know me know what a huge Pretty Little Liars fan I am - and Shay is terrific as Emily Fields on the show!

Not to mention she looks amazing in this shot, but that goes without saying, I mean seriously the word "Pretty" in the title of the show says it all.

The mind does wonder what draws Shay to flamingos, is she a John Waters fan perhaps?


Follow Shay on Instagram, because I said so at:


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