Saturday, August 15, 2015

The End Of It All: John Tejada

It's The End of it All with John Tejada, Not!
Photo: Juan Mendez

The End of it All? Hardly it is only the beginning....

The End of It All, released in 2006 on Palette Recordings, is one of the most iconic John Tejada songs ever produced. It is instantly recognizable and has been played by top DJs of different genres the world over. Selling thousands of copies on vinyl, it hit #2 on the Beatport Overall Chart as well as garnering a lengthy stay on its Classics Chart. It’s been imitated, covered (unauthorized), and until now, only one official version was ever released. There have been multiple unreleased versions over the past 9 years, including a version Tejada performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall with a 100-piece male chorus ( GMCLA) in the summer of 2010. 

The new 2015 mix originated as part of Tejada’s 2015 live hardware set that he has been touring around the globe. “Reactivation” and “Sheven” are two additional new works featured on the B side, which also originated from his 2015 live performances. They showcase Tejada’s strong sense for the dance floor. “Reactivation” is the result of a Casio CZ-101 and Roland TR-909 locking into a strong bassline-driven groove. “Sheven,” named for its use of a Roland SH-7, features a sickly sounding riff with punchy 909 drums.

This new release of The End of It All will continue to ensure the track's legacy as one of John Tejada's most valued classics. 

The new mix is out, now!

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