Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Ministry of Margaret Cho

Band Of Gold
With Margaret Cho
With Marriage Equality in full force, Margaret Cho wants you to get married by her - in her contest Marry Me Margaret Cho!
You may be scratching your...saying, what?! Well FYI Margaret is an ordained minister, that's right she has herself a license to marry your ass! 
Check out what The Cho has to say about it if you want to enter: 
I’m excited to announce the #MarryMeMargaret campaign sponsored by Live Nation. I want to marry YOU – well, sort of, I want to get you two crazy kids onstage during my PsyCHO Tour which starts October 1 and I will serve as your officiant. Don’t worry I’m licensed to do so. Just imagine, by the power vested in me, you as willing participants will have a chance to unite your love officially onstage in front of hundreds of strangers.
Here’s how to enter:

Qualified participants must submit a homemade video between 0:15-0:30 seconds prior to the closing date for the show in their respective city. You must be present in the city in which you want to be married and be present on 
show date. The homemade video must answer the question: “Why I want you to #MarryMeMargaret.”
Each video (hereinafter “Submission” or “Entry”) must be uploaded to one of the Cho Sites and comply with the terms of conditions of the relevant site that the Entry is uploaded to.
Each Entry must use hashtag #MarryMeMargaret and Participant must tag their partner in the Entry and @MargaretCho in each Submission.
Each Entry may not be profane, offensive, pornographic, defamatory or inappropriate as determined by Sponsor (Sorry!).

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