Friday, August 28, 2015

The Truth About Krista Allen

Krista Allen
One "Significant Mother"
The lovely and talented Krista Allen is currently starring in Significant Mother airing Mondays on  the CW, that is one of the absolutes you know about her.

But there is something you may not know, a truth that may catch you off guard, but one that will make you laugh.

Yes, that's correct Krista is quite witty and her Facebook posts nail whatever subject she addresses.

Any time that Ms. Allen posts on Facebook is a day I LMFAO! Hey, she's a giver who is always there for her friends, gotta love that!

Recently she came up with a comment that should be considered that last word on how to explain PMS to a man. Yep, guys this should nail it for you, and to all to women reading I am sure you will concur. 

Now that I've built your anticipation here is the quote verbatim, Krista Allen with the final word on the monthly visit.

"Last night, I cried during Snakes On A Plane. If anyone wants to know what PMS feels like, now you know."

Hilarious! T.G.I.F! 

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