Friday, September 11, 2015

Kate Winslet Is An Apple Head

Apple Head
Kate Winslet
One of my favorite actresses in this life or any other I  may be reincarnated in, is the amazing Kate Winslet!

I first saw her in Peter Jackson's amazing film Heavenly Creatures and well you know, all I could think of is: Will you Kiss Me Kate?

Since we are turning to face the change of summer into fall, the mighty Winslet will be back in a movie based on the life of Steve Jobs, called oddly enough: Steve Jobs, go figure...

Who will she be portraying? Why Apple's first head of marketing, Joanna Hoffman, that's who.

As a side note, or perhaps a full frontal in your face note, Michael Fassbender will play Apple founder and head Steve Jobs, naturally.

Head Jobs, now there is an interesting combo.

Steve Jobs hits theaters on October 9th!

Steve Jobs on IMDB

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