Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Life Is Like A Jackie Collins Novel"

"Life is like a Jackie Collins novel" - Michael Shinafelt

This startling revelation caught me by surprise somewhere back in 2010 when I was dating an actor half my age and juggling both our schedules and different friends and careers, mine being of course a writer, actor etc...So I immediately posted my momentary genius on my Facebook page and took it to Twitter!

After having been in Hollywood for 20 plus years it hit me like a bolt of lightning at that point and time in my life that "yes" me and my then boyfriend could easily be a basis for characters in one of her books! 

Funny when I was growing up as a young lad in Washington State I used to find her potboilers entertaining, but thought that her statement that the characters and events were based on reality a bit of a stretch.

Yeah, well living in Hollywood I have been proven wrong on the abovementioned notion. 

A few of my favorite Jackie yarns? Hollywood Wives was my favorite! Honorable mention goes to Lady Boss and Lucky.

She was a woman who lived a great and fascinating life. Someone who I wished I had met, so I could have had a character based on me in one of her escapist treatise. 

R.I.P. Lovely lady, you made reality entertaining.

Find yourself in a Jackie Collins novel at: 

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