Sunday, September 27, 2015

Love Will Keep Us Together

The Look of Love
George & Amal Clooney
While I am not in the habit of doing this in general, I feel strangely compelled during another day of over the top heat in Los Angeles to wish George and Amal Clooney a Happy One Year Anniversary !

Yeah, you remember it was the gasp heard round the world when perpetual Hollywood bachelor, George Clooney married the then Amal Alamuddin. Not only is she beautiful she is also a very accomplished Human Rights Lawyer.

So go figure when Barbara Walters interviewed Mrs. Clooney as her most intriguing person of the year all she could babble on about was how she nabbed her husband. Barbara really, retire completely not just from The View, please.

Not only are these two a media outlets wet dream of a couple, more importantly they seem like the perfect fit and in a year where an exodus of couples splitting has been a weekly occurrence it is nice to see two people who look like they were meant for each other.

Happy Sunday peeps!

Learn more about the amazing Amal at:

Georgie on IMDB:

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