Thursday, September 17, 2015

Que Shiraz, Shiraz

Gerard Butler, Salma Hayek & Adrien Brody

With Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur both falling in September well it's prime time for what else? Shiraz! You get some Shiraz, and you get some Shiraz, and you get some Shiraz!

How apropos that there is now a film that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival affectionately known as TFF titled: September of Shiraz.

On the completely irreverent side and off the wall state of things the after party was sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka. Yeah the wine companies that produce Shiraz really took a snooze on this promotional opportunity.

But hey it produced a really rocking image of  two totally hot and sexy stars and one very talented one - Gerard Butler, Salma Hayek and Adrien Brody combined to make a pretty compelling threesome at the premiere.

Hey, Gerard if you are going to be at any other film festivals in the near future please let myself and author M.E. Franco know, we're here for you!

See you in Toronto next year, Gerard !   

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