Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Revival: Fashion Police

Stop! You Are Under Arrest! Fashion Police
Photo: Ken Phillips
Melissa Rivers is "still cleaning up messes." Judging from this weeks debut of the revived Fashion Police, she's done a pretty bang up F#@king job!

After a super lame season post your legendary Mom, Joan Rivers passing, which had everything to do with the addition of Kathy Griffin (what was E! thinking, I know what Kathy was thinking...cha ching!) - the show is back!

Melissa you should have inherited the throne from the get go. After all you are your mothers daughter and worked the red carpet with her.

Last year was, to say the least tumultuous. But you prevailed. The relaunch scored high in social media, and we know how important that is, you go Grrrrrrrl!

With guest host, Margaret Cho getting especially high scores - would Cho come back? Well after this Tweet I am guessing, yes!  She stated  it "feels like family." 

Nene Leakes was also in top form. What about Brad Goreski?! Hey every fashion show needs a gay voice...whoop there it is! 

So Melissa if you are "still cleaning up messes" I have a recommendation for you and her name is Giuliana Rancic

P.S. Kudos to Margaret's dig at Rancic that Miley Cyrus smelled like patchouli oil.

Get arrested at: 

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