Monday, September 14, 2015

What Happens At Fashion Week...

The Selfie Game
Courtney Love & Kim Kardashian-West 
Unlike Vegas, what happens at Fashion Week never stays there, I am guessing due to the lack of open desert in which to dig holes. How else does one explain the most off the wall never in a million years did you think this would happen selfie of Courtney Love and Kim Kardashian-West ?!

From what could possibly be a sign that The Rapture is coming, or the Silicone Fairy has paid a visit, Kimmy KW  nabbed Courtney L and snapped both of them.

Needles to say the image ended up on Instagram, that Kim she sure is a giver.

Hey it's Monday so why not kick your week off by turning and facing the strange? That way the rest of your week will be tame by comparison.

Have a bombastic day!

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