Thursday, October 1, 2015

6 More Days Until AHS: Hotel!!!

Lady Gaga
I'm Not Bad, I Was Just Born This Way
As you know October is Halloween all month here on Entertain Me. Luckily there is no shortage of things to disturb you with in 2015, and trust me I have my methods.

So let's get the pumpkin rolling with a countdown to American Horror Story: Hotel, I can't wait for this coming Wednesday October 7th to check in with Lady Gaga and her plethora of deviants!

Personally I was glad when Jessica Lange chose to leave AHS after four years. I thought to myself: "Good now the show can take a new direction and tone" because as you know Mr. Ryan Murphy built all the seasons around his leading lady. It was time for some new blood (pun intended.)

Then I really got excited with the announcement of Lady Gaga as the new Diva in town.

All of the images and teasers have only fueled my lust to dive in the pool at The Cortez !

Happy October First minions, let the ghoul times roll!

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