Friday, October 23, 2015

American Horror Story: Hotel - Discuss

Let's face it every season of American Horror Story divides fans of the genre pro and con. But they keep coming back for more? Why? Because no matter what your opinion on the individual seasons AHS captures something that gets under every horror fans skin on some level.

This season the divide seems to be a little larger in terms of pro and con. After all the shows anchor from the very beginning, acclaimed actress Jessica Lange exited after four seasons. Two of them good, one of them OK and another one tragic. Who took her place? Why none other than the multi-talented pop icon Lady Gaga - now that's diversity!

So I decided to enlist my niece and fellow horror fanatic, Kelly Waters to discuss what she thinks of season five "Hotel" - time to check in, Kelly!

MS: Before we start what's your favorite horror movie off the top of your head?

KW: Well, by far my favorite is John Carpenter's "Halloween," I've seen it millions of times.

MS: It's mine too! I watch it every year.

KW: Yeah, I watch it every year and all year long. I never get tired of it!

My Niece & Partner In Crime
Kelly Waters
MS: So, let's talk "American Horror Story: Hotel" - I'm really liking it!

KW: I fricking love it! It's dirty, raunchy...It's probably a little much for cable television, but I love that! Oh My God, seriously like the metal dildo, whoooooa?! My butt cringed!

MS: Well I didn't find it shocking, you expect AHS to push the envelope, but I thought: ouch!

KW: Yeah, it's like, wow, ok, we're taking it to that level.

MS: A lot of people were upset about Jessica Lange leaving. Personally I was actually excited, I felt it would take the show to a whole new level.

KW: Yes, I agree. I love her though.

MS: So, do I but Ryan Murphy always built the show around Jessica, and now he built it around Lady Gaga. It's raunchy, glamorous and over the top gory. Yeah, I like her in it!

KW: I was really shocked about how good she turned out to be. Because I was really unsure. It was like Oooooh, I don't know...I'm not like the biggest Lady Gaga fan, but I don't hate her by any means. She has definitely surpassed my expectations.

MS: You saw "The Hunger" didn't you?

KW: Uh, no I didn't

MS:  Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer were modeled after the Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie characters in it. We all know there is nothing new in the world and that people borrow from everything. There is nothing wrong with that.

KW: Right.

MS: Just put your own spin on it.

KW: Exactly!

MS: There's nothing new anymore, get over it!

KW: No, there is nothing original these days.

MS: Do you have a crush on Matt Bomer? I do.

KW: Oh yes, he is so cute!
What Are You Going To Do?
Lady Gaga & Matt Bomer

MS: Every year AHS always goes many places that are taboo. This year to me it is The Countess feeding her stable of children so she in turn can drink their blood. How do you feel about that as a Mother?

KW: Because this season is focused on vampires, it certainly didn't shock me. The fact that they are hooked up to to the machines and aren't being bled to death, did not really bother me. The machines to me made that disconnect, it wasn't like she was sitting there  feeding directly off of them. That would most likely make me a little more queasy. Or if she was tearing their heads off or something. But the way it is portrayed it doesn't really have the disturbing feeling for me. Now that I am a Mom I am pretty sensitive to that.

MS: So the verdict is we are both loving this season of AHS.

KW: Yes, definitely!

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