Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween, Durbin Style

James & Jack Skellington
 Mugging for the Camera!

Hey you guys, of course you all know James Durbin was the rocker with the most cake, placing 4th on American Idol season 10.

And he also made two successful albums: Memories of a Beautiful Disaster and Celebrate. But did you Durbinators know that James is crazy for Halloween? Well he is damn it! Here with his five favorite spooky traditions is my buddy Mr. James Durbin!

1. We always begin decorating early. 

2. We DIY our costumes. If not the entire costume at least customizing it in some way to make it better. 
James & Heidi Durbin
DIY! Halloween
3. My wife & I always have multiple costumes. Our family costume & our couples costumes. 

4. After trick or treating is over, my wife & I get a sitter, go out in full Day of the Dead makeup & have some drinks. 

5. We grow our own pumpkins

Do you smash your own pumpkins too...???

Celebrate Halloween with James and his Family at:   

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