Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Horror! With Author M.E. Franco

Sign It In Blood...M.E!

Some Of The M.E. Franco Oeuvre
It's that time again, "Yes" it's a yearly Halloween tradition. You know, the time I get together with fellow horror (and vampire) lover author M.E. Franco and have some irreverent Halloween fun?!
M.E. after all wrote a hugely popular supernatural series of books referred to as the "Dion" series. Among other things that are literary. So let's get to it, cut a Jack-O-Lantern there's nothing to it, shriek!
MS: M.E., are you a good witch or a bad witch?

ME: Depends on my mood. When I'm a good witch, I'm very bad, and when I'm a bad witch, I'm very good.
MS: Would you check into The Cortez on "American Horror Story?"
ME: Absolutely! (I know exactly which room you can stay in BTW) 
Join Me, M.E. - Sincerely, Matt Bomer
MS: If Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer wanted to have a three way with you would you go for it, even though you would end up dead after orgasm?
ME: When it comes to the horror genre, this would definitely be my preferred way to go. Way better than getting shanked by Michael Myers. And who could say no to Matt Bomer? (hint: not me)
Ewwwwwww! Devil Germs! 
MS: Which Scream Queen would you not want to be?
ME: I'm a bad horror fan. I haven't seen this show yet, but I'm going to catch up! I wouldn't want to be the one that dies though. I want to be the one who survives and writes the best selling book about the experience along with the movie rights of course.
MS: How would you most like to off a member of a sorority?
ME: Hemlock poisoning would be a very Greek thing to do for irony, but not nearly gory enough. Recreating the shower scene in Psycho? Now that would be classic.
Pinhead: Let's Go Shopping At The Pleasure Chest
MS: Pinhead from "Hellraiser" asks you to go shopping for sex toys, do you go with him?
ME: I'd love to. I think I could learn a lot
Let's Do The Time Warp Again!
MS: Have you ever done the Time Warp?
ME: Only on rainy Saturday nights.
MS: What creature of the night would you most want to touch you when wanna be dirty?
ME: You know I'm a vampire girl!
Hey, M.E.
Gerard Butler Here For All Your Vampire Needs
MS: Name one thing a supernatural character in one of your books would never be without.
ME: A stiff dagger. (cough, cough, no comment)
MS: Have you ever taken a ride on the Highway to Hell, if so describe it.
ME: What happens on the Highway to Hell, stays on the Highway to Hell. I'll take that to my grave!

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