Wednesday, November 11, 2015

American Horror Story: Hump Day

It's In His Kiss
Finn Wittrock & Lady Gaga
Happy American Horror Story: Hump Day Everyone! It's that time of the week when we all tune into FX and get our freak on with American Horror Story: Hotel.

Personally I am loving this season, the shows best since Murder House and Asylum. To all of you out there who thought Lady Gaga couldn't make the grade, suck it!

The story has been unfolding slowly, it is one you had to stick with until around episode three for the motivations, addictions and flaws of the characters truly started to be revealed. Wow! Is all I have to say, and this is the first season since the first two that I have actually found the material to have visceral and truly disturbing undertones. 

Here is an image from an upcoming episode of Lady Gaga and Finn Wittrock producing steam for their AHS: Bad Romance, hey is there ever such thing as a Good Romance in the "Horror Story" world? I think not!

Enjoy your check in to the Cortez tonight!

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