Saturday, November 7, 2015

Everybody Run, Julianne Moore Has A Gun!!!

Hands Up Or You Get Puffed!
Julianne Moore
WTF?! One of my favorite actresses armed herself recently on the British chat show TFI.

Yes, Julianne Moore was toting large with a gun, don't be too freaked out it shoots cheese puffs of all things. Will the wonders of technology ever cease?! 

Moore is one of my favorite actresses having appeared in one of my favorite indie films of all time, Todd Haynes Safe.

I actually encountered her at a Rexall Drug Store in Los Angeles, CA  once upon a time and chatted with her briefly about my love of her and that particular movie, but I'll save that for my book. 

With a resume' full of eclectic roles I guess now Julianne can add gunslinger to that list.

Have a "cheesy" Saturday

Julianne on IMDB

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